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Imprinted genes and related effects
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Catalogue of Parental Origin of de novo Mutations
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View: Summary Tables. A table (PDF format) of mammalian imprinted genes is available for download.

Other imprinting sites:

WAMIDEX: a Web Atlas of Murine Genomic Imprinting and Differential Expression (King's College London) University, Jirtle Laboratory

ncRNA imprint: a database of mammalian imprinted ncRNAs

MouseBook Harwell Mouse Imprinting Resource

Thomas Liehr: UPD database

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Other related publications:

Glaser R and Jabs EW. Dear Old Dad. Sci Aging Knowl Environ., Vol 2004, issue 3. Abstract or Full Text. The parental origin of de novo mutation entries were created by Rivka Glaser, PhD, Department of Biological Sciences, Villa Julie College, Stevenson, MD 21153

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