The detailed entries of the Imprinted Gene Catalogue database were created by Benjamin Tycko, Columbia University, New York and are updated by Ian Morison


Detailed entry for Gene:



Human Chr19q13.4
Mouse Chr7 (proximal)


The paternal allele of Zim3 is repressed; maternal allele active, in adult mouse testis (Kim J et al, 2001). Zim3 lies immediately downstream of Usp29, and it is oppositely imprinted.

Gene Product:

Zim3 gives rise to an RNA transcript that lacks long open reading frames, and so is presumed to be non-translated. However, the human orthologue, ZIM3, has the capacity to code for a zinc finger protein. The Zim2 transcript is most abundant in testis (Kim J et al, 2001).

Functional Data:

There are no functional data for Zim3.


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