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Detailed entry for Gene:

Zfp127 (and Zfp127-as)


Human Chr15q11-q13
Mouse Chr7 (central)




Mkrn3 (Makorin-3)/Zfp127 is maternally repressed; paternal expressed in multiple tissues from mice and humans (Yang T et al, 1998; Saitoh S et al, 1996; Hershko A et al, 1999; Jong MT et al, 1999). An antisense RNA transcribed from this locus, Zfp127-as, is oppositely imprinted (Jong MT et al, 1999).

Gene Product:

Zfp127 encodes a ring/zinc finger protein (Jong MT et al, 1999; Jong MT et al, 1999) It is an intronless gene but contains a bona fide open reading frame.

Functional Data:

The presence of C3H type zinc finger motifs in the ZNF127 protein suggests the potential for RNA binding; the presence of a ring finger motif suggests participation in protein-protein interactions (Jong MT et al, 1999; Jong MT et al, 1999). ZNF127 mRNA is absent from Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) tissues (Saitoh S et al, 1996; Muralidhar B et al, 1999), and is not detected in tissues from knockout mice that model PWS (Yang T et al, 1998).


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