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Human Chr11p15.5
Mouse Chr7 (distal)




The paternal allele of Cd81 is weakly repressed; maternal allele active, only in extraembryonic tissues (Caspary T et al, 1998; Dao D et al, 1999). This gene is expressed biallelically in other tissues.

Gene Product:

Cd81 encodes a tetraspan membrane protein, expressed by many different tissues (Maecker HT et al, 1997).

Functional Data:

There are negative effects on cellular proliferation after antibody-mediated Cd81 cross-linking on the surface of lymphocytes . Knockout mice lacking Cd81 are viable, and also show alterations in lymphocyte proliferation in response to mitogens (Maecker HT et al, 1997; Miyazaki T et al, 1997). There is no evidence of an imprinted phenotype in these mice.


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