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Human Chr15q12
Mouse Chr7 (central)


OMIM  MethDB (human)


The maternal allele of Snurf is repressed; paternal allele active in humans and mice (Gray TA et al, 1999; Wirth J et al, 2001).

Gene Product:

Snrpn upstream reading frame (Gray TA et al, 1999). Snurf encodes a small acidic protein, which is translated from an upstream reading frame of the bicistronic Snurf-Snrpn mRNA (Gray TA et al, 1999). The Snurf gene may only exist in mammals (Gray TA et al, 1999).
Note: an unrelated protein, also called SNURF (Poukka H et al, 2000), should not be confused with the product of this imprinted gene.
See also entries for Snrpn and MBII genes.

Functional Data:

The Snurf protein was localized to cell nuclei (Gray TA et al, 1999). As expected based on its imprinting, nesting within the SNRPN gene, and localization to the major Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) deleted region, expression of SNURF is lost in PWS and in a mouse model of PWS (Gray TA et al, 1999; Wirth J et al, 2001).


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