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Human Chr19q13.4
Mouse Chr7 (proximal)


The maternal allele of Usp29 (Ocat) is repressed; paternal allele active in multiple fetal and adult tissues. The transcript originates close to Peg3 and the two genes are transcribed in a tail-to-tail orientation. Usp29 is located between Peg3 and Zim3/Usp29-as (Szeto IY et al, 2000; Kim J et al, 2000).

Gene Product:

Usp29 encodes a ubiquitin carboxy-terminal hydrolase (Kim J et al, 2000).

Functional Data:

A large number of ubiquitin hydrolases are known, and the function of these proteins in regulating protein stability has been reviewed (Wilkinson KD, 1997). However, the specific function of the Usp29 gene product is not known.


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