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Human Chr11p15.5
Mouse Chr7 (distal)




In mouse the paternal allele of Obph1 is repressed; maternal allele predominantly expressed, but only in placenta: all other organs showed biallelic expression (Engemann S et al, 2000). This justifies a provisional claim of functional imprinting; pending exclusion of high expression by the maternal decidua. Obph1 is expressed biallelically in other tissues. No human data available.

Gene Product:

The protein encoded by Obph1 has similarity to oxysterol binding proteins.

Functional Data:

In general, oxysterol-binding proteins, encoded by a gene family that contains at least 12 members in humans, function in regulating sterol biosynthesis and transport. Consistent with a function in intracellular trafficking, many of these proteins, including Obph1/ORP5, contain pleckstrin-homology domains, that can mediate association with membranes in the golgi apparatus, and possibly elsewhere in the cell (Lehto M et al, 2001).


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