The detailed entries of the Imprinted Gene Catalogue database were created by Benjamin Tycko, Columbia University, New York and are updated by Ian Morison


Detailed entry for Gene:

(see also, Gnas1, Gnasxl)


Human Chr20q13
Mouse Chr2 (distal)




The paternal allele of Nesp is repressed; maternal allele is active (Weiss U et al, 2000).

Gene Product:

Neuronal secretory protein.

Functional Data:

Nesp55 encodes a secreted peptide produced by various types of neurons, but not expressed in glia (Weiss U et al, 2000; Bauer R et al, 1999; Ischia R et al, 1997). The function of this peptide is unknown, but it may interact with serotonin receptors (Ischia R et al, 1997).


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