The detailed entries of the Imprinted Gene Catalogue database were created by Benjamin Tycko, Columbia University, New York and are updated by Ian Morison


Detailed entry for Gene:



Human Chr15q11-q13
Mouse Chr7 (central)




Maternal allele silent; paternal allele active in multiple tissues of humans and mice (Boccaccio I et al, 1999; Lee S et al, 2000).

Gene Product:

Magel2, named for its similarity to melanoma antigen (MAGE) genes (Ohman Forslund K et al, 2001), encodes a necdin-like protein (51% amino acid sequence similarity to necdin) and the human gene is located 41 kb distal to NDN in the Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) deletion region .

Functional Data:

As expected based on its localization in the major PWS deletion, and its pattern of imprinting, MAGEL2 mRNA is absent from PWS brain (Lee S et al, 2000).


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