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Human Chr15q11-q12
Mouse Chr7 (central)


OMIM    MethDB (mouse)


The maternal allele of Ndn is silenced in multiple fetal and adult tisses; paternal allele active (Jay P et al, 1997; MacDonald HR et al, 1997; Sutcliffe JS et al, 1997; Watrin F et al, 1997).

Gene Product:

Ndn encodes a nuclear protein, necdin, which shows neuron-specific expression in adults (Aizawa T et al, 1992; Maruyama K et al, 1991; Uetsuki T et al, 1996).

Functional Data:

Necdin protein is anti-proliferative in cell transfections (Hayashi Y et al, 1995). It was reported to bind p53 and other cell-cycle related proteins such as E2F1; possibly allowing post-mitotic neuronal survival by preventing p53-mediated apoptosis (Taniura H et al, 1998). Early post-natal lethality was observed in mice with deletion of the paternal allele (Gerard M et al, 1999), but viability was seen in another similar knockout strain (Tsai TF et al, 1999); a third study found variable early post-natal lethality, a small but significant decrease in the number of hypothalamic neurons and abnormal behaviour (Muscatelli F et al, 2000). Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) maps to the imprinted domain that contains NDN, and expression of NDN is absent from PWS brains, as well as from tissues of a mouse model for PWS imprinting mutations (MacDonald HR et al, 1997; Bielinska B et al, 2000). Based on the data from mouse models, it is thought that NDN may directly contribute to some aspects of the PWS phenotype (Nicholls RD, 1999).


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