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Human Chr14q32
Mouse Chr12 (distal)
Sheep Chr18q




The paternal allele of Meg3 is silent; maternal allele expressed in mice (Schmidt JV et al, 2000; Takada S et al, 2000), humans (Wylie AA et al, 2000) and sheep (Charlier C et al, 2001; Charlier C et al, 2001).

Gene Product:

Meg3 (maternally expressed gene 3) encodes an abundant non-translated RNA that is spliced and polyadenylated. This RNA is found in yolk sac endoderm, and in many fetal and adult tissues (Schmidt et al., 2000; Takada et al., 2000). It is strongly expressed in adult skeletal muscle (Charlier C et al, 2001; Charlier C et al, 2001).

Functional Data:

In the Callipyge trait of skeletal muscle hypertrophy in sheep, which maps to this locus, there is down-modulation of Meg3 expression, as well as altered expression of other genes that lie in this imprinted domain, including increased expression of Dlk1 (Charlier C et al, 2001; Charlier C et al, 2001) Because Meg3 and Dlk1 are closely linked and oppositely imprinted in a pattern reminiscent of Igf2/H19, it is presumed that one function of Meg3 expression is to control Dlk1 expression in cis.


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