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Human Chr11p15.5
Mouse Chr7 (distal)




The paternal allele of Tssc3 is strongly repressed; maternal allele active in placenta and yolk sac of mice and in human placenta. There is a weaker allelic bias in other fetal and adult organs, although fetal liver shows a strong functional imprint (Lee MP et al, 1998; Qian N et al, 1997).

Gene Product:

Tssc3/Ipl (Tumor suppressing subtransferable candidate 3 / Imprinted in Placenta and Liver) encodes a small cytoplasmic protein containing a pleckstrin-homology domain (PH-domain) (Frank D et al, 1999).

Functional Data:

In general PH-domain-containing proteins mediate cellular processes downstream of phosphatidyl-inositol polyphosphate second messengers (Ferguson KM et al, 2000). The specific pathway in which the Ipl protein functions is not yet known, but placental overgrowth is observed in Ipl knockout mice (Frank D et al 2002).


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