The detailed entries of the Imprinted Gene Catalogue database were created by Benjamin Tycko, Columbia University, New York and are updated by Ian Morison


Detailed entry for Gene:



Human Chr6q24-q26
Mouse Chr10 (proximal)




The maternal allele of HYMAI (Hydatidiform Mole Associated and Imprinted) is repressed; paternal allele active in placenta (Arima T et al, 2001; Arima T et al, 2000).

Gene Product:

Multiple repetitive sequences are present in the HYMAI RNA; a long ORF is present, but is of uncertain significance. HYMAI is located within 70 kb of Zac, which suggest that these two genes define a bona fide imprinted domain (Arima T et al, 2001; Arima T et al, 2000).

Functional Data:

No functional data are available for HYMAI.


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