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Copg2 (and Copg2-as, and Mit1, CIT1)


Human Chr7q32
Mouse Chr6 (proximal; but distal to Sgce)




The Copg2 locus is complex. The paternal allele of Copg2 is repressed in a subset of murine and human embryonic tissues, but some embryonic and adult tissues show biallelic expression (Blagitko N et al, 1999; Lee JT, 2000). The antisense RNA Copg2-as is maternally repressed (Lee JT, 2000). Imprinting of human COPG2 was not observed in an independent study (Yamasaki K et al, 2000), which reported that the functional imprint at this locus was restricted to an intronic transcript, which was called CIT1, and is probably orthologous to the maternally repressed murine Mit1 RNA (Lee JT, 2000). Exons of the Copg2 gene overlap the 3' UTR of Peg1/Mest in a tail-to-tail configuration (Lee JT, 2000).

Gene Product:

Copg2 encodes the gamma subunit of the coatomer protein complex.

Functional Data:

Coatomer is a major component of COPI vesicles and consists of multiple subunits, which are essential for intracellular vesicular trafficking (Letourneur F et al, 1994; Waters MG et al, 1991; Whitney JA et al, 1995). The gamma-COP subunit of the coatomer is believed to mediate the binding to the cytoplasmic dilysine motifs of membrane proteins (Harter C et al, 1996). Beta'- and gamma-COP interact with the ARF-GTP-activating protein (GAP) Glo3p and gamma2-COP binds to the Ras-related protein CDC42 (Zhao L et al, 1999).


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