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Taxon: Mouse

Chromosome: 12

Location: 54.0 cM (5)

Gene: Meg3 (Gtl2)

Description: Meg3 (Gtl2) is maternally expressed. There are no obvious open reading frames and it has unknown function (Miyoshi N et al. 2000; Schmidt JV et al. 2000; Takada S et al. 2000). A dwarfism phenotype, resulting from an insertional mutation of a LacZ-containing transgene adjacent to Gtl2, was most strongly expressed when paternally inherited (Schuster-Gossler K et al. 1996). Meg3 lies next to other maternally expressed non-coding RNAs such as a C/D snoRNA cluster of at least nine snoRNAs (see Rian) (Cavaillé J et al. 2002), and a cluster of miRNAs (see Mirg).
Croteau S et al, 2003 described multiple splice variants, some of which showed loss of imprinting in mouse crosses.
Paternally expressed genes in this region include Rtl(Peg11), Dlk1 and Dio3. This cluster of imprinted genes is conserved with Human 14q32.

Category: Imprinted genes

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